#Update What about Mary-Jane Watson?

1402838651_974444530Blah blah I have not been posting since forever, I have mixed feelings regarding both Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad, 2016 was a mixed year for the films and I have watched only 16 films in entire year and ugh, whatevs. I need to geek out for a moment.

How about a black girl being cast as the whitest redheaded supermodel in upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film? Ugh, this is racist. No, I am not against black people getting the roles of comic book characters that are traditionally white because back in 60’s even showing a white man kissing a black woman was subject of controversy (Star Trek did it first) and all important people are talking about how if the character is not defined by race, the race does not matter if you are showing the traits of the characters well. (Which roughly translates to Luke Cage being black is mandatory, Black Panther being black is mandatory. Useless sidekicks can be of any race. If you could have cast someone yellow and go with someone white people will get angry [Some kung-fu chick in Dr. Strange is being played by Tilda Swinton, the whitest scariest woman ever] and basically you cannot recast minorities and cast white people as anything) I mean, who cares Deadshot being a black guy or a white guy. He is a dude who is shooting very good. the great, late Michael Duncan Clarke was perfect as Kingpin and I remember his mannerisms today as a definitive Kingpin (Well because I might not seen Kingpin since 2003.  Does Marvel prints anything that is small scaled anymore? I think all they do nowadays. Do not get me started with Civil War II)

Back to point.


Not bitchy and super-model looking enough.

Since Raimi’s and Webb’s Spider-Man movies are relics of past and while Raimi’s trilogy is somewhat being held like a gold classics (again because we were the targeted audience back when it was fucking 2002.) and Webb’s two films were something we pity now. 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming (Gawd, I love the name! Even the name is stating what I am about to say) should be the best Spider-Man film ever produced. If it is not poisoned with all the future Marvel film adverts, obligatory Tony Stark extended cameo, look here’s one of the gems of infinity stones bullshit and “here’s Captain Marvel in regular street clothes, please watch our film!” type of even more extended brand advertising and being somewhat of a stand alone film, I thought Spider-Man films coming back to home (GET IT? GET IT NOW?) and what is the first thing that gathers public attention? A black girl being Mary-Jane Watson. Who is a fap material of pimply nerds since 1965. Now when you could make the perfect Spider-Man movie (which in my mind closely resembles 1994’s Spider-Man Animated Series because these kinds of things only the world’s greatest thing when you are a fucking child and no amount of Peter Pan syndrome will bring the good memories of your childhood back but we do not dwell on the past and like updated things with a hint of nostalgia anyway. Pokémon Go anyone?)


Bitchy looking enough. However, not the Mary Jane we deserve.

This is new Mary Jane. (Also this is an old picture, she is not a redhead now.) Okay, I said updating shit is cool. I always like a new spin on classical things I usually I end up loving covers of songs more then the originals but why the heck we get a ghetto urban girl as Mary Jane?

Okay, just leave her out and actually include a new character called Michele. We would like that. Then incorporate that character to comics (Only to give her superpowers much later which would not stick) and everyone will be happy.

You want to troll the audience and have that counted as fan service? Add a real redhead called Mary Jane and only have 20 seconds of screen time to show how the times change. I mean, new Iron-Man is a 16 year old black girl who is written by a white dude and this is progression. Captain America is ex-Captain America sidekick who is written by a white dude and this is progression. New Thor is a girl who is written by a white dud– let me fact check for a second. Hurm, some dude and the writer is called Jason Aaron, yass– eee and this is progression. Stuff like this makes me want to grow up.