#Update The Joker


Oh guess what? Something DC posted again caused so much stir. Again. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of The Joker, Suicide Squad director David Ayer has revealed the first official image of Jared Leto as The Joker. Who does not look like neither Batman The Animated Series Joker nor The Batman Joker.


Also not The Killing Joke Joker, Not beating the hell out of Jason Todd Joker or current New 52 Joker (his face was cut off for a while)

KillingJoke1417784_orig (1) v9sjDtfbyktEA6Oh noes, new Joker also does not look like The Man who Laughs (Victor Hugo’s novel adaptation from 1928 that inspired the character. DID YOU KNOW VICTOR HUGO WAS INDIRECTLY INVOLVED IN CREATING THE JOKER?)

The_Man_Who_Laughs_1928_3-600x450Do you get what i am trying to get at now? Every incarnation of Joker is different. Sure we all would rather see stories and exact characters of Batman The Animated Series over and over again because it was our childhood but some kids knew Joker from Batman: The Brave and The Bold (who has a look and feel akin to his silver age incarnation from 1970’s).

RivalSo, when we are getting Die Antwoord Ninja/Riff Raff/Alien from Spring Breakers Joker in a promo pic, this is fine. we are going to see him in a suit, we are going to see him doing what Joker usually does. He looks even more menacing than Heath Ledger’s Joker already.


I am on board with this Joker and if how he looks does not throw you off, something is wrong, something is not crazy enough and Leto’s Joker is already crazy and unsettling enough. Stop bickering.


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