#update #tv Upcoming TV Shows, pt. II

EMPIRE_CAROUSEL_DESKTOP-carousel-1400x386Just one day from my previous post, Hieroglyph is cancelled (before it premiers, which is probably the saddest thing I ever see, they picked up the pilot and dropped it, hard..) and Community is alive again! (Mixed feelings, mixed feelings.. but prophecy  #sixseasonsandamovie motherfucker.) So I need to replace it with..

A SERIOUS RAP EMPIRE DRAMA without any white dudes. Seriously. From days of no black individuals to be red shits or something to today. Series probably will end up needing more bewbs, tho..

#update #tv Upcoming TV Shows

You're_the_Worst_season_1_posterAlas, we’re free from How I Met Your Mother! (and it’s supposed spin-off) We lost Community along the way but we have Silicon Valley now. That’s something. So, now we need some series to watch from day one to brag about how we’re fellow fans since the beginning and act out hipsterly. I’m going to help with upcoming TV series that captures my interest. You will get the bragging rights.

Tyrant: Devil’s Double without Saddam and with more soap opera. Son of a dictator runs to USA and comes back to do.. stuff.

Constantine: Angels and demons and other shit. Without Keanu Reeves, which is a nice thing.

Married: Awkward jokes! Failing marriages! Mistresses! Having fun with dead babies!

Hieroglyph: No, it’s not Starz so not graphic bewbs but girls are kissing in the trailer. You get Spartacus but with Egyptians! If this is somewhat a hit, we’ll probably get a dark and gritty Stargate reboot sooner. So, why not?

You’re the Worst: You saw the banner up there right? This one is my favorite.  Two extremely annoying and pompous dysfunctional people decide to hang out together. (I’m not going to say date of course). Guy one is Briton and charming and stuff girl one is DAMN CUTE and DAMN SMART and DAMN RIGHT AMOUNT OF A SLUT and technically, better than every other girl I know (sorry.. Girls?)

#tv Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HitRecord on TV



Joseph Gordon-Levitt is really a pretty amazing dude. No, this is not my NOLANITISM talking. (I waited three posts to praise Nolan, well, we still do not know anything about Interstellar. I don’t know anything about Interstellar and I read the actual science paper the film is based on. Anyway, bring on McConaissance.) You really could meh him on now widely forgotten 500 Days of Summer, but the dude rocks after that. His Don Jon already is my all time favorite anti-chick flick, AND HE’S ABOUT TO PRODUCE SANDMAN! LOOKS AWESOME IN SIN CITY 2 TRAILER. GAAH.

His Hitrecord on TV isn’t so popular on the intertubes and I really would like to see more people watching it. It’s basically TV version of his  online collaborative website’s fruits. Every episode is given a theme (The Number One, Fantasy, Trash, Space, The Other Side, Games, MONEY and Patterns so far) and a community of artists from all over the world end up creating short films, songs, animations and performances altogether. I didn’t get to yell UGH COMMUNISM to the screen because all of their works are beautiful to look at. Seriously, if you don’t dismiss it for being hipster-ish, all those people really did pull of a great show. Give it a go. (See, that red button he wear on Oscars wasn’t only eccentric fashion choice. Also, I believe everyone wants to see JGL to bang Emma Watson, just like when we wanted to see Hugh Jackman bang Anne Hathaway in Oscars 2009. Not that I want to see them singing in period piece clothes.)

First episode is on youtube:

and for d’aaaw factor listen to this.