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People hate the fuck out of Max Landis.  (He also knows this very well; look at this direct quote from his personal blog: “but there’s another side to me that I don’t quite understand yet, and that’s that, for my entire life, people have really hated me. and if it helps look at the comments at jezebel (click here: http://jezebel.com/screenwriter-bro-just-might-be-hollywoods-biggest-fuck-1440597536) and I, for numerous reasons love him. I first encountered his Death and Return of Superman video (it’s pretty much my favorite internet video with fuckload of celebrity cameos to this date, maybe except Jimmy Kimmel’s I’m fucking Ben Affleck one)

Watch this:

I also love Chronicle, which is also written by Max Landis. (It’s kinda sad that Josh Trank kicked out of his Star Wars project and his Fantastic Four is worst fucking comic book adaption ever) and all his casual movie pitches usually sounds amazing. His take on Supes, his take on FF and so on. Listening him talking about a pitch for an hour is fun. American Ultra? All I knew about this film was Max Landis wrote it. I never bothered to check its trailers, all I know about this film was Jessie Eisenberg is playing it while having Max Landis’ haircut.

So what is American Ultra? It is Bourne meets Chuck. Some stoner idiot is together with some gorgeous babe (Kristen Stewart) he smokes weed and panic attacks the fuck out of everything. Then CIA activates his powers and he beats the fuck out of everything. This is what you’re going to get.

But why did I like it? Because you can almost see Max Landis is explaining the shit to you like; “LOOK AT THIS NOW HE’S GOING TO USE SHOVE THIS SPOON TO THIS GUY’S THROAT AND CLICK HE BROKE THE OTHER GUY’S NECK” while watching the film. All the cool scenes exactly plays out like some overly excited teenage guy is pitching you the idea of their cool sleeper agent film.  Like just as what I was praising him for before. Also, Kristen Stewart looks gorgeous as a fucked up stoner babe. I find joy watching universally disliked pretty girl in a script written by universally disliked smart guy. So I am more than sure not everyone will like this or even bother to watch it. For that matter, our theatre was pretty much empty while it was its first day of showing. Eh, I liked it.

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